Dave Jones Is a Proven Statewide Law Enforcement Leader Best Qualfied to Serve as California’s Next Attorney General

Jones is a proven statewide law enforcement leader. As Insurance Commissioner, Jones currently leads over 300 law enforcement professionals investigating insurance crimes and working with district attorneys to prosecute those crimes. During his three years at the U.S. Department of Justice, Jones served as a senior advisor to United States Attorney General Janet Reno, helping to lead the nation’s largest law enforcement agency.

CDJJones stands up to powerful interests. He has taken on big insurance companies, corrupt public officials and CEOs, big hospitals committing fraud, and a host of other special interests. As Insurance Commissioner, Jones regulates the nation’s largest insurance market. He saved consumers and businesses over $2 billion in insurance premiums by rejecting excessive rate increases. He has proved that he will not back down from a fight and as Attorney General, he will continue to stand up for all Californians.

As a State Assembly Member, Jones was a leader on consumer protection, civil rights, and legal issues that fall within the jurisdiction of the Attorney General. He chaired the Judiciary Committee and wrote laws to prevent gun violence, increase access to the courts, prohibit gender discrimination, and overhaul the state’s conservatorship system. As a City Councilmember, Jones worked closely with local law enforcement to prevent and combat crime. He successfully established programs to increase community policing in troubled neighborhoods and schools. Jones graduated from one of the nation’s top law schools but chose to forgo high paying legal jobs to serve the community as a legal aid lawyer providing free legal assistance to the poor.

As Attorney General, Jones will make sure that businesses compete fairly and lawfully and hold them accountable when they do not, hold CEOs and corrupt public officials accountable for their betrayal of the public trust, protect consumers, and continue to work to address climate change. Jones will protect the civil rights of all Californians.

Jones believes it’s important to focus law enforcement resources on the worst offenders, in order to better protect communities and families. Expanding successful re-entry and rehabilitation programs will reduce recidivism, as will improving offenders’ access to quality substance abuse and mental health treatment. Removing guns from our streets and keeping them out of the hands of those who will commit violence. Jones supports universal background checks, including for so called “private gun sales” and for sales of ammunition. Rebuilding trust and accountability between law enforcement and communities is critical to Jones. He will implement proven strategies to prevent and fight crime.

Democrat Jones is a proven campaigner who won both of his statewide elections for Insurance Commissioner by wide margins. He is the only statewide officeholder running for Attorney General. He has a broad base of supporters throughout the state.

Dave Jones is a graduate of DePauw University, Harvard Law School and Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government. He and his wife, Kim Flores, have two children.