Dave Jones is a proven law enforcement leader. Jones has been elected twice to statewide office as Insurance Commissioner and has led a statewide law enforcement and consumer protection agency for over six years.

As Insurance Commissioner, Dave Jones leads the Department of Insurance which works closely with state and federal prosecutors across the state to investigate and prosecute fraud and other insurance related crimes. Under Jones’ leadership, over 8,000 individuals have been arrested and successfully prosecuted for financial and other crimes. He also leads a national enforcement action that has forced life insurers to disgorge over $12 billion in benefits that they were unlawfully failing to pay policyholders.

DJ-Family_scJones has a long public service career which makes him exceptionally qualified to serve as California’s next Attorney General. He represented low-income families and individuals as a legal aid lawyer. He knows what it takes to run the Department of Justice, having served as Special Assistant to former United States Attorney General Janet Reno. As a City Councilmember he put into practice proven anti-crime and law enforcement strategies at the community level. As a state Assemblymember he successfully authored gun control, consumer protection, civil justice, and other legislation.

Jones currently regulates the largest insurance market in the United States where insurers collect over $289 billion in premiums a year. He has saved consumers over $2.6 billion in premiums by regulating insurance rates, issued important consumer protection regulations and won numerous court cases against the insurance industry involving important consumer protection issues. His public hearings and legal findings that the Anthem and Cigna and the Aetna and Human mega-mergers were anti-competitive were relied upon to block those mergers.

Jones has been a leader in the implementation of the Affordable Care Act, which has insured 5 million more Californians and is the only financial regulator in the United States to require a financial sector to disclose and address climate risk.

Jones has opposed President Trump’s Muslim Bans, deportation of immigrants, attacks on civil rights and a woman’s right to choose, dismantling of healthcare reform, undermining of environmental laws, denial of climate change, undermining of public schools and teachers, attacks on unions and working people, and other efforts to undermine what Californians value. Jones will continue criminal justice reform, with a focus on re-entry and rehabilitation programs for offenders returning to our communities, and work to restore trust between law enforcement and communities while holding accountable those who violate the law. Jones has long championed single payer healthcare reform. He is the first statewide elected official to publicly endorse Senate Bill 562 while it was still in the California legislature. He is also the first statewide elected official to publicly sign a pledge stating that he does not, and will not take corporate money from the oil and insurance industries.

A graduate of Harvard Law School and Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government, Jones is a thoughtful and proven leader. He has been endorsed by Democratic Party officers, central committee chairs, regional directors and caucus chairs. He and his wife Kim Flores have two children.