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Attorney General

Attorney general of USA is a chief person in the department of justice related to legal affairs. Government of US also gave them the position of law enforcement officer and he is treated as a chief advocate of US government. They also serve as a cabinet member of president’s union and it is the only department which has not given the term secretary to the cabinet head. The current attorney general of US is William P. Bar and he has taken position in the month of February 2019 and he replaced to the position of former attorney general Jeff Sessions.

To support the responsibilities of attorney general, US government has established Department of Justice in the year 1870. Attorney general, secretary of state, secretary of defense, secretary of treasury, these four people are considered as members of cabinet, because of the responsible position and the age of their departments.

Attorney general US works in the department of justice, US government. The president will appoint the attorney general with the advice and consent of United States Senate. The work report of attorney general of USA should be given to president. For this position there will not be any fixed term for each person. First attorney general of US is Edmond Randolph and he has taken position under the government of George Washington.

Till now, about 85 persons has taken the position of attorney general and William P. Bar is current attorney general of US.  President has all the power to remove the attorney general from the position with the decision taken by supreme court of US. The power of seeking the death penalty will be given to attorney general under federal government of USA.

The duty of attorney general of US is to prosecute and conduct all the suits in supreme court, where the US government has involved. He is liable to give the advice and opinion to president, if they require under the questions of law and also when the chiefs of other department of US government requests for the advice.

The transition of the position happens on inauguration day i.e. on January 20. The deputy attorney general has to be there during the resignation of attorney general to tender the resignation. Till they appoint new attorney general, deputy attorney general act as attorney general in pending.